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Skin79 Diamond Collection Tea Party

posted by forensia on August 18, 2010 3:54 am

Was invited down to 313 Icing room for the Skin79 Diamond Collection Tea Party. This tea party is all about the Diamond collection! XD

I was there at the very first launch of the Skin79 products and already knew about the Diamond collection, you can read about them here. XD


All the other pretty ladies present.


Leaflet on the Diamond Collection I and II.

The Diamond collections are for ladies who are looking for a radiant, glowy and bright effect.


This is the Prestige Beblesh Balm which we also got in the goodie bad. I do not have a swatch but it has a very slight shimmer when applied.

This was in my wishlist and I'm happy I got it now! XD


The Luminous Pear BB which comes with a brush.


This is quite shimmery which is not suitable for the whole face but more for highlighting purpose. XD


The Star Glow Ball Powder which is also included in the goodie bag. I really like these little balls of shimmer, so colorful! XD


Diamond Perfect Cover BB Concealer given to us in the goodie bag too. XD


Here's the swatch, lighter one on the left and darker one on the right.


UV Perfect BB Pact


For use after BB cream to set to give the smooth finish.


All Day Sun Powder.

The sunscreen in powder form.


The sun powder has a very light sheen when applied.


Skin79 got the Best Newcomer award from Watsons and is now having a promotion till 25th Aug!

Promotion details can be found on Skin79 FB page! XD


Yummy pastries were provided! XD


We were given muffins to decorate and above is my "art piece". LOL!


Sara got a prize for having the best decorated muffin! XD


Here's a photo with Lorraine from StarAsia.


I have not got the chance to use the products given to us in the goodie bag yet but will review them once I used them! XD

Once again, thanks Pearlin for the invite! XD


Review: Skin79 Hot Pink and VIP Gold BB Creams

posted by forensia on June 17, 2010 12:11 pm


Been using both BB creams for around 2 months already and I have found myself reaching out more towards the VIP Gold one.


Hot Pink BB Cream:

-Blends easily and gives a dewy finish.

-Evens out skin tone and covers under eye circles well.

-Lightens redness/blemishes but does not cover them well.

-Oil control is average, blotting required only after 3-4 hours.

Product Rating: 3.5/5

I used this mainly as a face primer on light make up days or on days when I do not want to wear any makeup but wants an evened out skin tone with just powder to set.


VIP Gold BB Cream:

-Blends well and gives a dewy finish.

-Evens out skin tone and covers under eye circles well.

- Coverage is quite good as it can cover up redness/blemishes quite well.

-Oil control is good, blotting required only after 5-6 hours.

Product Rating: 4/5

I used this as a face primer on days when I have full faced makeup or as a foundation with setting powder on light makeup days as the coverage is better then the hot pink one.


Reason why I reached out for the VIP Gold one more then the Hot Pink one is that it's coverage is better and oil control is also better. As I have oily/combination skin and also acne scars, the VIP Gold one is more suitable for me. I think that the Hot Pink one is more suitable for those with normal skin and those who requires less coverage, a.k.a those who have better complexion. But I do like the Hot Pink one for the fact that it feels lighter then the VIP Gold one.

Blending wise, the Hot Pink one is easier to blend as it is more watery as compared to the VIP Gold one. Which is also the reason why the VIP Gold one has better coverage. But it's only a tad easier, so it does not bother me.

Would love to try out the other BB creams from the other series under Skin79, especially the Diamond I Prestige BB Cream(If I did not rmb wrongly.) . XD


SKIN79 Dinner Party / Product Preview

posted by forensia on April 11, 2010 5:30 pm

Thanks to Pearlin, I got the chance to attend the Skin79 product preview held at Essential Brew at Holland Village.

The whole preview is held at a private room over at the restaurant with a very cosy setup. We were greeted by helium balloons when we entered the room.



The skin79 products are displayed at the front, looking great.

And as bloggers, the first thing we do is do snap photos!

Love this crown! So pretty and bling!! Lorraine said she bought it back from Japan!


We had Lorraine from StarAsia, which is the local distributor for Skin79 to tell us all about the 21 products that they are bringing into the singapore market. Also, it's thanks to them that we finally get Skin79 on our local shores at a affordable price. As mentioned by Damien, COO of StarAsia, they want to ensure that all, including teenage girls are able to afford the products. The price ranges from $26.90 to $59.90. This is really a reasonable price range!

That's Lorraine in Pink!


This is Damien, the only guy at the party. LOL.


Bloggers paying attention and snapping photos! XD


Some background info on Skin79, it's the leading brand in Korea and is also the first BB Cream brand. Also, they tagged themselves as the Queen of BB Creams for it's ingredients and gorgeous packaging. They are also the top seller in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. And of course, the widest range of BB creams. Also, Skin79 BB Creams includes 10 skincare benefits in a single product which includes whitening, hydrating, SPF etc. (Quoted from the press release) I am also sure that alot of you have already heard about this brand through various forums. I heard of this brand myself through online way before BB creams are introduced on our shores.


The Queen of BB! XD


We were each given a personalized goodie bag which includes full sized of the Hot Pink Super Plus BB Cream and the VIP Gold Super Blus BB Cream. And also a minature of either BB Cream with a lovely charm which is the first letters of our names. I am not sure about you ladies, but I sure love personalized stuff! Kudos to the team for this! XD


Of course, while listening to Lorraine, we all get to help ourselves to yummy food!

The Salmon is really good!


What's a product preview without touching and playing and feeling the products?

We got to test each and single product that is available, all 21 of them! I really liked how most of the BB Creams comes with a pump! We had so much fun testing each product that we are unsure which part of our arm to use to test at a point. Certain products are really shimmery and we ended up with shimmers all over! As quoted by Lorraine, those products can be used to acheived the "Edward Cullen" look! LOL!




You snap me, I snap you!


Chantana made Sara did this pose with the crown. XD


And I suggested another way of wearing the crown. Chantana looked so cute here!


I posed with one of the BB Creams instead. :P

Photos of me with the Crown can be found at Chantana's Blog. LOL.


Other then the BB products, they also brought in the New Turn Special Therapy set which includes 3 different serums for various skin problems. I like the Repair Amino-Acid one. But do take note that this is only sold in a set and not sold separately. This set cost $59.90 which is not that expensive at all.



The BB Creams that Skin79 has to offer are categorized in 7 categories.

They are:

1: Hot Pink Collection

2: VIP Gold Collection

3: Dream Girls

4: Professional

5: The Oriental Collection

6: The Diamond Collection I

7: The Diamond Collection II


Here's some product photos! I did not managed to captured any swatches as I was too busy feeling the texture and all while testing the products. :P


In clockwise direction:

Hot Pink Super Plus BB Triple Functions

Dream Girls BB

Diamond Luminous Pearl BB

Hot Pink Sun Protect Beblesh Pact


In clockwise direction:

Diamond UV Screen Beblesh Pact (Photo below is the sponge)

Diamond Star Glow Ball Powder

VIP Gold Hologram Pearl Pact

The Oriental Smooth Sun BB Pact


In clockwise direction:

Intense Classic Balm

Super Plus BB Triple Functions

The Oriental Gold BB Cream

Diamond Crystal Pearl BB Cream


In clockwise direction:

Diamond Perfect Cover BB Concealer

Diamond The Prestige Beblesh Balm

The Oriental Lifting Eye Controller

The Oriental Total Power Cream


One of the Bloggers, Christy arranged the products nicely in a whole row. So the rest of us felt that it should not go to a waste and all of us snapped photos of the arrangement. XD


Most of the BB Creams available has a complementing BB pact used to set the BB cream. In a sense, applying BB creams is similar to applying liquid foundation so you need to set it. (But still, BB Cream is not foundation!) Skin79 came out with complementing BB pacts to the various categories of BB Creams. But I personally felt that you could mix and match the creams and pact to your individual preference.

The point that Skin79 has such a wide range of products, is to ensure everyone can find something to fit their needs. So it does not mean that the BB Cream from this suits you, means the pact suits you too. They never states that you have to pair the products up too. XD

To say the truth, I have only tried 1 BB Cream and I don't really like the one I have as it's quite thick and clogged my pores. I had it for over a year and I am not half way through yet!  Hence, I did not really venture deep into BB Creams. I am really glad that I got to be at this product review and get to test out the products as I really do like some of them!

Most of the Skin79 BB creams blended into the skin quite well and easily. The VIP Gold one is slightly thicker then the Hot Pink one whereas the Hot Pink one felt more 'liquidy' or maybe more light-weighted. I liked the finish of the Prestige BB Cream which has a nice sheen. The Crystal Pearl BB(Diamond II), Luminious Pearl BB(Diamond I) and the Shimmering BB(Oriental) all have a shimmery finish which we all thought not suitable for the whole face. The Luminious Pearl and Shimmering BB both had a built in brush applicator which is really soft!! All 3 of us, Chantana, sara and me thought the Luminious Pearl one would be great as a liquid highlighter! The Dream Girls BB Cream felt the most light-weighted and it's the one that is the one suitable for sensitive skin. We are also told that it is the one formulated for younger girls. I personally felt that it's great for those young girls who just started makeup.

For those that are just looking for the basic BB Creams with the healing properties, the Intense Classic Balm from the Professional Collection should be the one. It's the very basic one with really good coverage and ability to lighten scars. We felt that it can double up as a concealer!

Here's a chart provided by Skin79 to aid you in selecting the BB Cream for you!


There are a total of 5 different BB pacts and they all feel very fine. The VIP Gold pact was really shimmery though. The other 4 are more to a matte, sheer sheen finish. Coverage wise, the Hot Pink pact is better then the rest. While the rest swatched quite sheer, even after layering over the BB Creams, the Hot Pink one shows up quite well and it also have a very pink tone. The other pact that has a pinkish tone is the UV Perfect BB pact from the Diamond II collection.

Other then BB Creams and Pacts, they also have the Perfect Cover BB Concealer, All Day Sun Powder (Diamond II) and Star Glow Ball Powder(Diamond I). The Sun Powder is like sunscreen in powder form which is quite cool! They also have skin care under the Oriental Collection which is the Total Power Cream and Lifting Eye Controller. I don't really like the scent and texture of the Total Power Cream but then it's mainly targetted for mature skin so I guess it's ok. XD However, I really liked the Lifting Eye Controller which feels really moisturizing. The skin which I applied this eye serum to felt really soft after a few minutes!

Here's my wishlist after trying out the products! XD

They are:

Diamond The Prestige Beblesh Balm

Diamond Luminous Pearl BB

The Oriental Lifting Eye Controller

Diamond All Day Sun Powder

Diamond UV Screen Beblesh Pact

Intense Classic Balm

New Turn Therapy Special Set (As mentioned, I liked the Repair Amino-Acid serum. If I get this, I will most probably give the other 2 to my mum.)

And yes, the Crown included. LOL! XD


Basically, Skin79 do have great products from the first impression. Detailed reviews of the 2 BB Creams I got will be up at a later date after I put them to the test to see if they are really as great as they claim. XD Anyways, I do believe there are many reviews about Skin79 products online since it's the best seller in various countries.



Jolin Tsai is the face of Skin79 in Taiwan and also in Singapore!

If you are already itching to get your hands on some Skin79 products, you will get the chance soon! Skin79 will be in stores on the In clockwise direction: 
26th April exclusively at Watsons Stores! Skin79 will have eye catching counters over at the bigger Watsons Stores like NAC, Bugis etc. XD


We were told by Lorraine, that the crown in the poster below is the exact same one that we played around with! Looks really chio!! Haha, I would love a smaller version myself. :P



You can check out Skin79's Facebook for more information! XD


That's all for this post. Looked out for my review on the Hot Pink and VIP Gold Super Plus BB Cream! XD


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