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Notice: Moving Out

posted by forensia on May 8, 2011 10:20 pm

Hi all my lovely readers out there!!!

As per the title, I am moving out of Onsugar and will be blogging under My Fat Pocket domain from now onwards.

Here's my new URL: http://myfatpocket.com/forensia/

However, my onsugar blog will still be here just that I will no longer be blogging on this platform anymore.

So do head over to my new blog and continue to read my blog over at my new link http://myfatpocket.com/forensia/ alright? XD

I will be blogging over there from now on but everything will remain the same, just a different URL. XD

Thanks and see you lovely people over at my new blog! XD


P.S: I just hauled my very first Chanel and will be blogging about it very soon on my new blog! XD


Review: Viccal Skincare & Hanamei Intimate Beauty Treatment

posted by forensia on April 28, 2011 4:08 am

Viccal Skincare products are made from active natural ingredients that delivers results with constant usage.

I've recieved the Serum in No1. 10, Nurture & Strengthen which consists of 10 active ingredients. This serum targets combination skin and young skin that are prone to blemishes. On the website it states that this serum regulates the skin's sebum secretions and maintains the skin's celluar structures. It also states that it will improve skin's elasticity and will make the skin look more firm and radiant with continous usage.


I love the pacakaging of the serum. It's very simple yet straight to the point.

And I must say I love the bottle more! It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. Hence it's easier to control the amount of serum we use so as not to waste any.

The texture of the serum is like liquid but of a thicker consistency. When applied to the skin, it glides on smoothly and is absorbed quite quickly into the skin.

From the above photo, you might not see a big difference visually. But from the close up, you can see that my skin looks healthy and not dull looking.

After using the serum for a month plus, I felt that it really delivers what it promised. My skin is indeed firmer then before and I feel that it helps my skin absorbs other skincare products better. I also noticed that my face is not as oily as before after using this serum.

I would definitely recommend this serum to those who wants a product that delivers.

Check out http://www.viccal.com.sg/ for more information on the other 2 serums that Viccal have in their basic collection and for ordering and enquiry. Viccal is also giving out samples for their serums currently, so go check it out before committing to the full bottle!

Viccal is also stocked at the 2 clinics stated at this page, http://www.themedicalpractice.com.sg/our-clinic.html. XD



Next up, is HANAMEI Intimate Beauty Treament.

Hair removal is in the trend now and is good for hygience. However, throughout the process, we might get darken skin, inflammation, ingrown hair etc. Take the underarms for an example, after waxing or shaving off the hair, the area still remains dark as compared to other areas of the skin.


Hanamei products are made only from Japanese plant ingredients and is alcohol free. It provides instant relief after any hair removal process and aims to let the skin be smooth and fair with constant usage.


Hanamei Brightening Serum which helps to minimize ingrown hair and helps brighten up the darken skin from hair removal. It can be used on underarms, elbows and knees which are prone to uneveness after hair removal.

The texture of this serum is quite watery but is absorbed into the skin very quicly. Skin feels smooth after application. After 1 month of usage on my underarms, I notice that the skin is not as dark as before and is closer to my natural skin tone. I used to have some ingrowns here and there but I haven seen any yet since I started using this serum. The skin is indeed smoother then before too.

One thing that I don't quite like about this serum is the smell. It's not an unpleasant smell actually but I think that the mixtures of various plants used in the serum made the smell quite strong.


The Hanamei Comforting Mask is specially designed for the delicate skin at the bikini area. I usually shave and oftens experience redness and slight irritation. This mask provides instant relief after hair removal and soothes the skin.

You can see that the mask is soak well with the serum and the serum gets absorbed very quickly. The skin also feel smoother after using the mask.

After using the mask for 7 days, I noticed that the bikini area feels more smooth and the redness is gone very quickly. Normally the hair grown after removal is quite pricky but I notice that the hair growth after using this mask is less pricky and more fine.

Visit http://www.hanamei.com/ for order and enquiry.


Hope that this review is useful! XD


NOTDS: Matte Nail Polishes from Lioele

posted by forensia on April 10, 2011 6:45 am

Merry Green.

A gorgeous dark forest gree.

Just 1 coat, dry up in less then a minute.


Merry Pink Wine.

I'm not sure how to descirbe this red, but it's a nice wine red that surprisingly suits my skintone.

The polishes apply smooth and is very opaque. One coat is enough.

However, as it's a matte polish, it chips very fast too within a day if you do housework and longer if you don't do much with your hands. :P

I would think this is a good choice for a one day manicure, especially when you're in a rush as it really dries up super quickly!

I guess to make it last longer, a top coat would solve the problem and it will be really nice and shiny with the glitters.

But I kind of prefer the matte feeling. XD

Got these at $9.90 each at Enamour Beauty at Bugis Street.


Put a Stop to Your Spots! Vichy Bi-White Reveal

posted by forensia on March 24, 2011 3:59 am

Attended the Vichy Bi-White Reveal workshop last thursday! It was held at Once Upon A Milkshake and it was a cosy affair with 9 other bloggers along with the Vichy Team plus Pearlin and colleagues. XD

We were given a talk by Dr. Jonathan Lee on spots and pigmentation. It's was very informative and now I know that there are different type of pigmentation and different types of treatmeant for each type of pigmentation.

Most of you might already know this but sun protection is a very important step to prevent pigmentation! Start using that sunscreen if you have not! Guys too, sunscreen is important to protect us from harmful UV rays!

Afterthat, Wyman from Vichy gave us an overview of the Bi-White Reveal products and share with us about the star product of the range, the Bi-White Reveal Deep Cell Whitening Spot Intervention.



The spot Intervention consists of 5x more LHA and 2x more Ceremide White compared to the other products in the range and hence more concentrated and can target the spots from the inner layers of the skin. It targets all kind of spots on the face and also the hand.As per all Vichy products, the spot intervention is suitable for sensitive skin too!

The Bi-White Reveal range consists of active ingrdients like the LHA, Ceremide White and Vitamin C which helps to prevent melanin production, exfloliates and to whiten.

If you have spots as such below:

Sun spots
Melasma (hyperactive melanin production)
Age spots
Hand spots
Acne marks
Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

The spot intervention is able to help lighten such spots and prevents production of melanin which is the main cause of the spots when it's not evenly spread out.

The Bi-White Reveal Deep Cell Whitening Spot Intervention will be retailing at $59 for 15ml tube and is available at Vichy Counters from March onwards.


We also had a hands on session on making our very own Vanilla Milkshake topped with Cranberries which is filled with Anti-Oxidants that is very good for the skin! That little cup of Milkshake is super thick! Made with 2 big scoops of ice cream and only 60 ml of milk! Yummy!


Will be starting on the Bi-White Reveal range soon next week! Hopefully it can fade out my ugly acne marks and the few freckles I had! Stay tune to my review!


Review: Musee Crystal Tokyo Experience

posted by forensia on March 9, 2011 4:11 am

Was invited down to Musee Crystal Tokyo located at Plaze Singapura for a trial of their services.

Just recently opened last November, Musee Crystal Tokyo is a Total Beauty Salon that not only provide Hair Removal services but also nails services, eyelash extensions and Facial and Body Treatments. The other 2 salons, Musee Platinum Tokyo only specialise in Hair Removal services. Hence, Musee Crystal Tokyo is a one stop salon for all your beauty needs. XD


When I walked into the salon, I felt very comfortable as the environment is very clean and peaceful. The staff there are all very friendly and helpful too. The way they talk to their customers over the phone is very polite and friendly. And as of most Japanese outlets, all customers all greeted very warmly when they entered the salon. I really like this kind of culture as it will automatically make people feel more at ease. There are times where you entered some salon to just ask for information but the staff will just stare at you or just pass you the brochures and then continue talking to their colleagues etc. But the staff over at Musee are really friendly and attend to people even though they just come and ask for information. I'm really impressed by their customer service. XD


I started with doing my nails and were given so many choices to choose from! I decided to choose a something from the Power Stone Designs. What so special about the Power Stone Designs you may ask? According to Yuri san who's the nail trainer over at Musee, they included 100% pure blended stone powder into the manicure. As you all know, different stones have different meanings and promote different things like Love, Health, Wealth etc. For example, Rose Quartz for love. We normally wear these stones as jewelery or maybe handphone accessories etc. Now, you can have them on your nails! This Power Stone Designs are exclusively available only at Musee Crystal Tokyo, you can't find it in any other salons in Singapore. This is really unique and I must say that the Power Stone Designs are really pretty! It's really like your nails turned into precious stones.


Here's Yuri San with the Power Stone Designs samples. Noticed her lovely nails? She did it herself and some of the staff also had very lovely nails done by her also. Yuri San is the nail specialist/trainer over at Musee and she's a very nice and sweet person!


Process of transforming my nails into precious stones. :P Look at the number of gels needed for the manicure. Apparently, several colors are needed to be mixed together to achieve the Power Stone Designs. One more thing, you can also customize your own color, for example if you want a lighter shade of the color as compared to the sample, they are able to mix it for you. Also, they will keep the color (as it's enough for at least 3 manis) for you so that you can ask for the same color the next time.


Here are my nails! I did gel overlay for this since long nails are quite troublesome and also overlay are recommended for my short nails as they can last longer. XD The name of the Power Stone that I did is Amazonite and it represents Health. XD I really love the color combination! They really look like precious stones from a distance!


A photo with the lovely Yuri San who did my nails. XD


After doing my nails, I went ahead to try out a hand IPL. Look at their machine, they had their own logo on it! Kawaii desu! The process is really quick and the staff make me feel really at ease.There's totally no pain at all except that you might get a shock from the red light of the IPL machine. So do be prepared for that if you ever go for a IPL. XD


I got no more hair on my fingers!


Next, I went on to try out the eyelash extension service. I was most excited about it as it was my first time doing eyelash extensions! That's June getting her lashes done by Keiko San, whose the eyelash specialist/trainer over at Musee.


Look at the amount of lashes! Each row of lashes differ by a millimeter difference. They also have lashes of various thickness and curves which you can choose to your preference.


Take a close look at this photo and remember how my natural lashes look like. This was taken when Keiko San just started on the 'operation'. My natural lashes are quite sparse as you can see,


The lashes are glued on strand by strand and is mixed among the natural lashes so that it will be natural looking.


Ta-dah! Here's the results of my eyelash extensions! I am super loving it!! I was shocked when I looked into the mirror when my right eye is just done. The difference is really big!! My lashes are thicker, longer and has a natural curve! How I wished they are my real lashes, but boy don't they look natural?

They have difference options for the eyelash extensions, Natural, Cute, Sexy and Glamorous. Mine is the Natural option. I have about 60 strands of lashes glued onto each eye.


I can has dolly look eyes now with these extensions! The whole process is painless and quite comfortable. I even napped for awhile when my right eye was being extended. :P It's like you go there, take a nap, and wake up to beautiful lashes/eyes!

I really like how natural the extensions looked! I believe I can even tell people that these are my natural lashes and they won't doubt me!

I really recommend you ladies to try out the eyelash extension services by Musee!


A photo with Shiomi San who really lovely. She explained to me about everything that day and accompanied me while I was doing my nails and lashes. She also acted as the translator between me and the trainers as they weren't really fluent in English. But it's fine with me since I am able to understand basic Japanese. :P


The kind people from Musee has a special offer for my dear readers out there!

For the first 10 of my readers who visit Musee for any of their services, be it nails service, eyelash extensions or hair removal, you will receive a complimentary skincare item from the Sakura Series of their own brand, Libote as seen from the above photo. Simply quote that you are a reader of my blog (Note: Quote Joyce not Forensia :P) and you will enjoy this offer! Remember, this only applies to the first 10 readers so call to book an appointment now! XD


Musee is also having a promotion for their Under Arms Hair Removal Package right now until the end of March. The usual price for the Unlimited Sessions for the Under Arms Hair Removal is at $188 but it's only at $138 now! And it's unlimited sessions! Super worth it, I'm like thinking if I should sign up for the package too. :P Remember, it's only till the end of March!!


Musee Crystal Tokyo

Tel: 6884 3500 (10 am to 10 pm)

68 Orchard Road #04-08C Plaza Singapura  Singapore 238839


Visit Musee's website for more information on their services!

Musee Crystal Tokyo (Total Beauty Salon) :  http://www.musee-crystal.asia/

Musee Platinum Tokyo (Hair Removal) : http://www.musee-pla.asia/default.htm


Review: Rojukiss Protox Range

posted by forensia on March 8, 2011 2:43 am


Before I go into the review, here the price range of the products that I were sent,

Rojukiss Protox D/Cell Protect Cream SPF 50 50 ml: $47.90

Rojukiss Protox Day Cream 30 ml: $47.90

Rojukiss Protox Night cream 30 ml: $47.90

Rojukiss Protox Serum 30 ml: $59.90


Rojukiss Protox D/Cell Protect Cream SPF 50

The texture of this is slightly thicker as compared to the one in the pink/whitening range. It's creamy but not sticky. It acts as a good primer for foundation too. It's not a bad sunscreen but I find it still a little too thick as it does take some time for it to be fully absorbed.


Rojukiss Protox Day Cream

This day cream can act as a sunscreen too as it consists of spf 50 however this cream is very thick! It is very creamy but I find it very think and it's slightly sticky.


A closer look at the cream, it so thick that it does not even drip.


Rojukiss Protox Night cream

I prefer the night cream a lot as it's much lighter in texture and blends easily. Skin feels very smooth after application of the cream.


Here's a closer look, it's slightly yellowish in color. It also has a gel like texture.


Rojukiss Protox Serum

This serum has a slight sticky texture but is absorbed quite quickly after application. Skin feels firm after application.


Here's a before photo. You can see the fine lines which is quite deep.


Here's the after photo after around 1 month of usage. The fine lines are still there but it's not as deep as before. Skin also feels slightly firmer before I started using the products.


I would recommend the Night Cream and the Serum from this range. XD



Haul: Dollywink

posted by forensia on March 6, 2011 5:12 am

I can't resist getting these Dollywink products when I knew that they are out in the local watsons' stores!


Got myself 5 items, the eyeshadows palettes in No.1, 3 and 4. Cream Eyeshadow in Crystal and the Volume Mascara. Wanted to get the Gold Cream Eyeshadow at first but it was OOS!! ><



Closer look at the palettes. The brown palette swatch very smoothly and the orange/blue one is quite a unique combination. The green/pink palette is too pretty to pass! Especially the fact that the pink swatch beautifully. The pigmentation of these palette are not bad with the brown palette with the best pigmentation. There's No.2 which is the grey/pink palette which is quite disappointing as it's really does not swatch well, pigmentation was quite bad. Which is too bad as the color combi is quite pretty.



Here's the cream eyeshadow and mascara. Really love the packaging! So pretty! XD

Can't bear to open them yet, will post swatches when I start using them! :P


Haul: Tony Moly

posted by forensia on February 21, 2011 1:54 am

My haul~ Actually just went in to see see look look as I haven really step into a Tony Moly store before.

But you can see what I have ended with~ :P

That Tomato is a Oxygen mask for brightening, I find it quite fun to see the cream formulate into bubbles so I got it.

It's $26.90.


This is the Berry Berry sleeping pack~

I'm very into sleeping packs these days, I just love how smooth the skin feels the next day. Got this cause the smell is awesome!

It's a sweet cherry scent!

This is $32.90.


These are from the eggpore series. I got step 1 and 3.


This is step 1, which is a gel that says help to melt the blackheads. It's a clear gel with orange colored bits.

Bought this to try to see if it really works as I have a lot of blackheads on the nose.


This is the product that wow me when I tried out the tester.

It's step 3 of the series, Silky Smooth Balm which is actually a primer that conceals the pores. I tested it on my hands and you know we have those fine lines on our skin, this product managed to smooth out the lines! There was a very big difference between the area where I applied this to the area where I had nothing on. I was sold on the spot. Will do a proper review when I used it. XD


Samples given to me by the BA~ A mask and a watery cream which I assume to be a moisturizer. :P


Haul: MAC Private Sale

posted by forensia on February 14, 2011 6:12 am

Hi all~~ Here's my loots from the MAC sale~~ There are quite a number of sets and I grabbed a few as they are really worth it! Got a handful of single items too but sadly there ain't as much face products as I have expected. I am acutally aiming to get a few face products, end up getting 7 lip products instead out of which only 3 I keep, 1 is for my manager and 1 is for the mum and I sold the other 2.

Enough said, here's the photos of my loots. They ain't really very clear, as I took them after work at 3 am plus.



These are the items from the sets, I kind of put them all together. So they actually consists of items from various set.

That's bare study paintpot which I'm really glad to get.

Full Fuchsia Lipstick.

This is the Tartan tale set, which consists of Violet pigment and Macroviolet Fluidline.

Eyeshadow palette from Tartan tale.

Beauty powders, blush and mineralized e/s from the Look in a Box sets.


Comfort MSF and Soft Meow Mineralized Blush.

2 Pigments and Lime Eyeshadow.


All this are the things that I've decided to keep~ Which actually costs me quite a bomb but very worth it! :P

And this is made possible thanks to Kimberly (rainyydays) for the ticket! XD Thanks dear!~



posted by forensia on February 11, 2011 2:17 pm

Landscape Green Pigment - $12 Mailed. Swatched once from lid. (PENDING)


Zoom Lash Mini Size 4g - $5 Mailed. 1 Available, 1 SOLD.

Zoom Fast Black Lash Full Sized - Pending


Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun - $22 (Meet up preferred as it's heavy.) Swatched once from lid.


Glamora Castle Eyeshadow (Left)

Semi - Precious Eyeshadow (Right) (SOLD)

Both lightly swatched once.

$15 Mailed.


Glamour O.D. Dazzleglass (Top)

Hi-Falutin' Dazzleglass (Bottom)

$16 Mailed each.



Lovechild Lipglass (Swatched once.) - $7 mailed.

Please google for swatches. Prices are only max $4 more then the price I bought them at as I've included postage. If you buy more I can give you nearer to the price I got them at. Comment below with your email if interested.


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